Facilities & Activities


  • Rooms                    

The hostel rooms are spacious and well ventilated. Each room accommodates 2 to 4 students depending on the size of the room. Each student is provided with a bed, a mattress, a table, a chair, a cupboard or shelf, light, fan etc.
There are adequate number of bathrooms and toilets in each hostel. Hot water from a solar water heating plant is also available for bath.
  • Mess 

Each hostel has a spacious dining hall and kitchen. Students themselves are expected to wash their plates after meals and take care of cleanliness in the dining hall. The food is simple but nutritious.

  • Medical Aid

Each hostel has a clinic where qualified doctors (most of whom are ex-students of Samiti) provide treatment for minor illnesses. Each student has to undergo a medical check up once in each a year.
  • Library 

Each hostel has a library of text books and literary books. Keeping in mind the high cost of text books, Samiti issues one set of text books to a group of 3 students free of charge for their use during their stay in the hostel. This saves considerable expense for them.
Each hostel also has a reading room where students can study in comfort and peace during the day or night.
Several prominent news papers and magazines are subscribed to for each hostel for use of the students.
  • Computer Center

Recognising the need for students to be computer literate if they have to face the world in the present times, Samiti has set up a computer center in each hostel where students can learn and practice on computers. In fact, Samiti has made a rule that students who are not computer literate must acquire the skill within one year failing which their admission would not be renewed.
  • Sports and Entertainment 
          A TV set is provided in each hostel. Indoor and outdoor games facility is also available in                   hostel.

  • Student Aid
          Student aid of substantial amounts is granted to a large number of students (more than 50 % of           the total strength) every year depending on their performance, need and record in the hostel.               While Samiti itself earmarks some of its own funds for granting student aid, several                             individuals and organizations also grant student aid through Samiti.


A number of activities and programs are regularly organized in Samiti Hostels with the objective of transforming the rural youth into a cultured and confident person ready to face the
competitive world, enable him / her to earn some money thereby lightening the financial burden on his / her parents and appreciate dignity of labour. The major activities and programs organized in the hostels are listed below.

  • Personality Development 

    1. Classes for conversational English.
    2. Group discussions (compulsory)
    3. Essay, elocution, story telling competitions.
    4. Yogasanas and sports (Compulsory)
    5. Cultural programmes
    6. Lectures of eminent personalities
    7. Educational trips.
    8. Entrapreneurship workshop.
    9. Career Guidance.

All the above programmes are either free of charge or at a very nominal charge.

  • Earn and Learn

Since all the students from Samiti hostels come from poor families, Samiti has developed a network of well wisher individuals and commercial organizations who provide part-time work to the students. The work ranges from gardening, tuitions, helping elder citizens , office work to household work. Some students earn sizable income from big events held in Pune, such as Exhibitions, Cultural activities, annual Pune marathon, Ganapati festival, drama festival, etc. Earnings under this scheme substantially reduce the financial burden on the students’ parents.

Support Earn & Learn Form Scheme

Appeal for Donation:

Dear Reader,

Thousands of rural boys and girls have benefited from the unique kind of assistance offered by SWA. Majority of them would not have been able to complete higher education without the facilities provided by SWA. Many more students from the economically weak section are in need of assistance. Please help SWA, help them by making a generous donation. Donations to Students’ Welfare Association are eligible for concession under Section 80 (G) of Income Tax Act.

With best wishes,
Prabhakar Patil
Managing Trustee,
Students' Welfare Association


You can help Students’ Welfare Association in the following ways;
Accommodation charges of ONE student:
(a) Rs.1800 per month (p.m.)
(b) Lump sum : Rs. 18,000
Mess charges of one student :
(a) Rs. 810 p.m.
(b) : Lump sum : Rs. 8100

Donation on happy occasion or in memory of dear ones: Any Amount.
For Sponsoring ONE student:
Rs. 18,000 for one year.
Rs. 90,000 for 5 years.
For completion of education of one student for 5 years:
Rs. 20,000 per year or Rs. 1,00,000 lum sum.
General donation or Donation for the Corpus: Any amount.
For Food Reserve: Any Amount.

§ Bank Details
Bank account name: Students' Welfare Association
Bank: Bank of Maharashtra, Pune,
SB A/c No : 60000246221,
IFSC : MAHB0000941,
MICR :411014021

§ For Foreign Donor
Bank: State Bank of India,
SB A/c No : 30509950441,
IFSC : SBIN0001110,
MICR :411002003

§ Notes :
1) Please draw cheque / drafts in the name of "Students' Welfare Association, Pune"
2) Receipt would be sent to the donor by e-mail or on the postal address.

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